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About Us

Inclusive Fitness offers personal training for children, young people and adults

with additional needs.

I offer personal training to people of all ages and abilities.

I adapt my approach accordingly to suit each individuals needs, 

and sessions can now be funded with short break vouchers.


If you would like further information please contact me and we can arrange a personal consultation.

Inclusive Fitness’ objective is to support clients fitness and health goals,

as well as promoting healthier lifestyle choices.


I want to empower my clients lives through health and fitness, as well as supporting them with individual life skills, which could be some of the following; independent skills, social and emotional skills, communication

and language skills and emotional regulation, all of which, will have a positive impact on their lives. Each programme is created based on the client’s individual needs and goals.


Sessions can include the following:



Resistance training

Strength training



HIIT training

Active games



As well as fitness training, sessions can also include:


Nutritional advice

Meal plans

Recipe breakdowns

Shopping budgets

I have worked with children adults and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities for over 15 years.


Alongside my career in education I have always loved keeping fit and staying healthy.  It was whilst taking my son to a local sports group,

I realised that there was little to no opportunities for those with additional needs.


I am very passionate about inclusivity and equality, and so set about changing this.


I gained my personal fitness Level 3 qualification from Acacia Learning, and alongside my advance knowledge of SEND, started Inclusive Fitness.


Inclusive Fitness is a unique Health and Fitness hub that specialises in providing fitness sessions for those with additional needs.


"You've helped me in so many ways not just with fitness but with my life" - Martin, who has moderate learning difficulties

"I have always suffered with social anxiety. These sessions are really helping me to feel more confident" - Matt, who has Autism

"I feel a lot better in myself now and know I can achieve much more than I ever could" - Jane, who has long term medical needs

"I am usually a shy reserved person who suffers from social anxiety, but after the first session I was looking forward to the next one and I am now feeling more out of my shell and have lost 10lbs in 8 weeks"  - Aliya, who has long term mental health needs

"Thanks for all your  help you are such a lovely positive person

and you have helped me to remember who I am" 

-Julie, who has long term medical needs

I will be adapting my approach accordingly and can be flexible to meet individual needs to create the perfect fitness and health programmes to support long and short term goals. 

Please do not hesitate to contact if you would like further information or to arrange a personal consultation. 

+44 7494 122311

Milton Keynes

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